TripAdvisor Names Juliana's in Dumbo America's Best Pizza Joint

Travel giant TripAdvisor recently scraped their site, collecting the pizza joints across the country which have large number of favorable reviews, then crunching the numbers to figure out which were the cream of the crop.

To nobody's surprise, a New York City pizzeria came out on top: Juliana's Pizza in Dumbo.

Opened in 2012 by legendary Brooklyn pizza maker Patsy Grimaldi, this eatery tantalizes taste buds with its thin crust pizza that is charred to perfection under a coal-fired hearth. A TripAdvisor reviewer raved, “The main reason why Patsy Grimaldi is an institution is because he does make outstanding pizza! After all these years, the perfect crust, great tomatoes, delicious mozzarella and toppings galore; try them all, you can't go wrong.”

Take that Chicago!

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