Check Out This Walking Tour of Queens' Roosevelt Avenue From Sunnyside to Flushing

YouTuber actionkid105 recently filmed this interesting 2-hour POV video showing a long walk down Roosevelt Avenue in Queens, from Sunnyside all the way to Flushing. Check it out!

I walk the entirety of Roosevelt Avenue in the NYC borough of Queens from 48th Street & Queens Boulevard in Sunnyside to 156th Street & Northern Boulevard in Flushing. My path takes me through the neighborhoods of Sunnyside, Woodside, Jackson Heights/Elmhurst (Roosevelt Avenue is the dividing line), North Corona, Willet's Point, Flushing, and Murray Hill (sub section of Flushing). Roosevelt Avenue is known to be a culturally diverse street, with ethnic groups from all over the world represented. The elevated (7) subway train runs throughout most of its length, and provides service up until Main Street in Downtown Flushing.

5:20 - 52nd Street / 43rd Avenue (Entering Woodside)
16:33 - 61st Street
24:52 - 69th Street
26:22 - Brooklyn Queens Expressway (Entering Jackson Heights/Elmhurst)
30:47 - 74th Street & Broadway (Major transportation hub)
40:05 - 82nd Street
48:40 - 90th Street & Elmhurst Avenue
56:18 - Junction Boulevard (Entering North Corona)
1:04:27 - 103rd Street & National Street (Corona Plaza)
1:12:12 - 111th Street
1:15:40 - 114th Street (Entering Flushing Meadows Corona Park/Willet's Point)
1:22:00 - Walking past Citi Field (Home of the New York Mets baseball team)
1:26:00 - Willets Point Boulevard
1:30:34 - Roosevelt Avenue Bridge above Flushing Creek (Entering Flushing)
1:36:25 - College Point Boulevard
1:40:50 - Prince Street
1:43:50 - Main Street (Major transportation hub)
1:48:15 - Union Street
1:53:15 - Parsons Boulevard (Entering Flushing sub section of Murray Hill)
1:57:05 - 147th Street
2:02:13 - 150th Street
2:06:00 - 154th Street

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Roosevelt Ave

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