Check Out The View From The Empire State Building's Private 103rd Floor Balcony

The Empire State Building is no longer the tallest, nor the prettiest building in the City, but it still boasts one of the best views in the City from its private 103rd floor balcony.

The 103rd floor is tiny, narrow, and vertigo-inducing. It’s so still and quiet, and it feels improbable that you could actually be standing there, alone, looking over the city from atop one of the greatest structures ever built within it. Your feet and hands tingle and sweat when you direct your gaze off the ledge. When the wind blows it feels like it will take you with it, and it probably could if it were strong enough. It really feels like the most special place to be in New York City… and as such, it’s reserved mostly for celebrities.

Our friends at Gothamist recently sent a photographer up to snap some amazing shots of the City from the top of the skyscraper. Enjoy.

via Gothamist

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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