Check Out Manhattan's Newest Shared Pedestrian Plaza in Flatiron District

Located in the Flatiron District on the small stretch of Broadway between 24th and 25th Streets, New York City's newest pedestrian plaza was unveiled this past week. Open to pedestrians and bikers, the painted plaza will allow limited vehicular access, making it a "shared space". Take a peek at the plaza in this short video from StreetsBlog NYC.

The project turns Broadway between 25th and 24th streets into a “shared space” with limited vehicular access. Instead of a through street for southbound traffic, the block is now a zone where pedestrians take precedence. Direct vehicular access to the block is available, but only to northbound drivers, who are supposed to observe a 5 mph limit. Traffic is very light.

"Shared space" in effect on Broadway by Madison Square.
"Shared space" in effect on Broadway by Madison Square.
Photo: Hilda Cohen
Flatiron pedestrian plaza 2x
Flatiron Pedestrian Plaza

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