Episode 3 of Gothamist's "My NYC Bike Commute" Shaming Series As Bad As It Gets

Long-time Gothamist editor Jake Dobkin filmed his bike commute a few weeks ago and tallied up all of the driving violations that put his safety in danger him on his short, 1-mile trip to work.

Gothamist solicited videos to shame drivers who violate laws placing everyone in danger, and part 3 of the series now features a contribution from biker Christopher Robbins commuting from Lower Manhattan across the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn.

Most mornings, Canal Street is the main hazard—its mixture of double-parked cars (I'm looking at you, FDNY Engine 9, Ladder 6), box trucks, comically oversized buses, forklifts held together with duct tape, and other entropic distractions that can awaken even the groggiest morning commuter. Pedal, brake, pedal, dead pigeon, dead pigeon, pigeons eating vomit, skateboard, pothole, swerve, veer, green light, burning smell, that guy is really cackling what's he cackling at don't turn your head—casino bus!

If you want to contribute a commuting video like this, check out the original article in the series to find out how.

via Gothamist

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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