Central Park Will Soon Get a Confounding Rotating Clock That Melds Time and Art

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'Confounding' Clock With Rotating Face to Warp Time in Central Park
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'Confounding' Clock With Rotating Face to Warp Time in Central Park

Against the Run is a new functional clock sculpture commissioned by the Public Art Fund that will surely confuse and confound Central Park tourists and locals alike.

Against the Run, specifically conceived for the Central Park space, will see the clock face itself rotate counterclockwise, moving in direct opposition to the second hand, which will appear to stand still. The minute and hour hands will function normally, and the clock will always indicate the correct time despite simultaneously running in reverse.

The clock was designed and created by Berlin-based sculpture artist Alicja Kwade and can be viewed at the Doris C. Freedman Plaza starting September 10th.

Central Park

via Artnet

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