Giant New Art Installation in Central Park is a Memorial to… Shopping Lists?

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MEMORIAL, David Shrigley, Central Park NYC 2016
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The 17-foot high "Memorial" by @davidshrigley was unveiled today, thanks to @publicartfund and it's quite the shopping list: from sausages to tampons, aspirin and Nutella 📷@katiealiceolsen

A 17-foot-tall granite sculpture from Glasgow artist David Shrigley is the latest Public Art Fund installation in Central Park’s Doris C. Freedman Plaza.

Titled MEMORIAL, the sculpture has 25 line items engraved off of a typical shopping list.

MEMORIAL, by British artist David Shrigley (b. 1968, Macclesfield, UK), honors one of the most common of all acts: the writing of a grocery list. By engraving this ephemeral, throwaway list on a solid slab of granite, a material ubiquitous with the language of monuments, the artist humorously subverts both a daily routine and the role of the classic memorial. While Shrigley’s shopping list might appear to posture as a counter monument, through its celebration of a common activity, its anonymity, and absurdity, the sculpture becomes a memorial both to no-one and to everyone—perhaps standing as a simple but poignant ode to humanity.

Catch the sculpture in person until February 12th, 2017.

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