Brooklyn Neighborhoods Enraged at Delays on Bushwick Inlet Park Expansion

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Abutting the waterfront in Williamsburg, the Bushwick Inlet Park consists of a five-acre playing field on what used to be a lot for rental trucks.

Residents of Williamsburg and Greenpoint are attempting to expand Bushwick Inlet Park from a paltry five-acres to 28 acres by purchasing the CitiStorage warehouse next door.

Although the Bloomberg administration promised the entire park to the neighborhoods in exchange for rezoning, the City is already over budget at about $225 million, despite the original plan to spend $90 million at most.

To make matters worse, the owner of CitiStorage, Norman Brodsky is now asking for $500 million for his site.

Pulitzer-prize winning architecture critic and journalist Michael Kimmelman believes it is unlikely that Mr. Brodsky will find a private buyer who offers even half the asking price due to the current industrial zoning of the land and the major costs necessary to decontaminate it for other purposes.

“We need another park, the quality of life changes for every family when you have open space”
— Diana Reyna, Deputy Brooklyn Borough President

Visit Bushwick Park Inlet to see how you can get involved and help expedite the park’s expansion.

Alexandra Hudson

Alexandra Hudson

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