BlogMap, a New App That Lets You Lookup the History of Nearby Buildings

Ever been walking down the street, seen a cool building and wondered what the story of it was? What happened there in the past? When was it built?

BlogMap is an interesting website and iOS App that aggregates posts from local historical, architectural and real-estate blogs and maps them out in a searchable map. The end result is that you can lookup the history of buildings as you are nearby, something that is difficult to do through Google because of rental and lease spam.

BlogMap is really simple. It's a bunch of local blog articles on a map about things like historic buildings, forgotten streets, lost architecture and a lot of other great hidden gems. You'd think something like this wouldn't be necessary, but try googling this shit and all you'll get are real estate listings. Thanks Trulia... you assholes!

Right now there are only iOS Apps for Manhattan and Brooklyn but it appears that other boroughs will follow once enough source blogs are found.

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