Big Mike Takes Lunch: Wonderful Short Film Reveals Beloved East Villager's Passion for Lunchtime Painting

Big Mike Takes Lunch is a wonderful mini-documentary about Michael Saviello, a.k.a. Big Mike, manager of 38-years at Astor Place Haircutters, and his passion for creating fine art in a basement storage room during his lunch break. Created by one of our favorite local filmmakers Nicolas Heller, the short film is a heartwarming profile of a beloved East Village man.

For the past year, Mike has devoted his 45-minute lunch break to something he hasn’t done since Highschool... Painting. Follow Mike as he takes you on a journey through his shop full of characters and the storage unit he’s turned into his personal art studio, adding another uniquely New York charm to one of The city’s best kept secrets.

This Saturday, November 17th at 8:30pm, Saviello will be holding his first ever art show at Astor Place Haircutters where there will also be a public screening of the above short film. Check it out!

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