Beautiful Night Photograph of the City's Oldest Bridge: The Bronx-Manhattan High Bridge

Arches over automobiles
Arches over automobiles
Photo: Imgur

Technically speaking, The Bronx-Manhattan High Bridge is the oldest in the City, dating back to 1848. It was built 35 years before the Brooklyn Bridge, but portions of it have been replaced whereas the Brooklyn Bridge is mostly original.

None-the-less, it is a beautiful bridge and photographer Darren Levine (previously) set out at night to capture this beautiful long exposure shot.

The lights under these archways are a recent addition, and ever since, i had set myself an assignment to find a spot to photograph them from. It finally lined up when driving back from a job, i had the gear with me, and i drove around until i found this spot. I used a Panasonic GH4 with the tokina 11-20mm. I did a timelapse which i will release at some point.

via r/nycpics

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