Animal's Drone Footage Over the City's Oldest Bridge: High Bridge

Last week we told you that today, after 40 years of being closed off to the public the City’s oldest bridge is reopening.

Well, our friends from Animal NY went out to the Bronx-Manhattan crossing to see High Bridge from above with a drone-shot video.

Today at 10:30 AM, a ribbon cutting ceremony will formally mark the reopening of High Bridge after more than 40 years. Originally built in 1848 to bring fresh water to the city, the historic pedestrian span was built over three decades before the Brooklyn Bridge was completed, making it New York’s longest standing span. It stretches across the Harlem River and links the island of Manhattan with the Bronx, measuring 1,450 feet long.

Image 1
High Bridge: A print from 1900, showing original stone arches

High Bridge

via Animal

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