Animal New York Documents an Urban Exploration on the Harlem Span of the Triborough Bridge

ANIMAL New York has been documenting a ton of great urban exploration lately. Just last week, they were able to sneak into 190 Bowery for a peek during it's renovation, and they have published several articles in the past on climbing various bridges around the City. Recently, they tagged along on an exploration of the Triborough Bridge's Harlem span.

Overlooked by tourists and free of heavy traffic due to its $7.50 toll, the Triborough Bridge complex makes a great destination for urban exploring. What makes it more interesting than say, the Williamsburg or Manhattan Bridge, is that the Harlem span moves.

The bridge is a draw-bridge that raises as necessary for any marine traffic sailing through the East River.

Its draw-bridge system raises for big boats that need to pass through the East River, which means it’s equipped with an insanely cool mechanical system at the top. Usually 55 feet above water, the lift rises 135-feet above water to let larger vessels through. By law, the bridge is required to raise for marine traffic at any time, night or day, as long as advance notice has been given.

Check out the full article on ANIMAL for more photos and details of the exploration.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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