Animal Gets Amazing Footage Inside 190 Bowery Mansion Mid-Renovation

They team over at ANIMAL New York are no strangers to urban exploration and trespassing. They have released several videos and photo galleries over the past few month featuring amazing shots captured in off-limits areas. The latest in this series is a three day exploration inside Jay Maisel’s famed 190 Bowery Mansion.

After years of holding out and establishing 190 Bowery as the area’s last defiant monument to gentrification, the reclusive Maisel offloaded the cultural landmark for $55 million to developer Aby Rosen last year. Then, in early February, something miraculous happened: The doors to the main entrance were flung open. This is an unauthorized look inside 190 Bowery, the famed 35,000-plus-square-foot building that for decades was photographer Jay Maisel’s single family home.

Check out the full article for tons of photos, and more info about how they captured the footage and circumvented security.


Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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