Ambitious Plan Seeks to Expand La Guardia Airport into Flushing Bay and Swallow Riker's Island

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ReThinkNYC’s vision of a new La Guardia Airport which would get rid of about half of Port Morris (or more) and Riker’s Island in the process.

City designer Jim Venturi and ReThinkNYC have come up with an ambitious entry for Governor Cuomo’s $500,000 competition to modernize the City airports. Part of the plan includes landfill into Flushing Bay to enlarge the airport runway, essentially swallowing Riker’s Island in the process.

The centerpiece of the plan is a reimagined LaGuardia Airport complex in bronx and Queens. Through this design the new airport would have fewer delays, global destinations and fully-integrated rail connectivity (Amtrak, MetroNorth, NJ Transit, Long Island Rail Road). It also includes an adjoining hotel/convention center, which is over double the size of the Javits Center. The airport will support not just New York City, but the entire region.

Visit for more photos and information on the plan and competition.

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