A Million Pieces of Presidential Memorabilia Locked Away in NYC Looking for a Home

Located in a storage unit somewhere in Long Island City, a massive collection of presidential campaign memorabilia, perhaps the largest in existence, sits waiting for a place to be displayed. With missions of items of memorabilia, the collection really warrants it's own museum, but it's curators over the years the late Jordan Wright and his son, have failed to find a permanent location for all of the items, and they don't want to split it up.

What may be the world's largest collection of presidential campaign memorabilia - buttons, brochures, hats, posters, stickers -- over a million items in total -- isn't hanging on display. It's packed away, stacked box upon box, piled from floor to ceiling in a handful of storage units in Long Island City, in the New York City borough of Queens.

via CBS News

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