You Can Now Get a Dutch Cannabis Energy Drink in New York

Cannabis Energy Drink
Cannabis Energy Drink

Cannabis Energy Drink is a new player in the saturated U.S. Energy Drink market. Just like those weed lollypops you see around the city, there is zero THC in the product, so you are really only drinking a hemp-flavored soda loaded with caffeine.

Cannabis energy drink combines high quality energy drink ingredients with a unique twist: Its sweet flavor is complemented with hemp seed extract. Containing caffeine, taurine and a bunch of b vitamins, the cannabis energy drink does what it does well, and tastes good while doing it! Get a burst of energy with every can! Cannabis energy drink contains no THC and so causes no narcotics effect!

But, it is now available at NYC stores and it will be popular none-the-less. Have you tried it?

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