"You Are Here: NYC", a Book of 200 Interesting and Unique Maps of New York City

You Are Here: NYC: Mapping the Soul of the City
You Are Here: NYC: Mapping the Soul of the City
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You Are Here: NYC: Mapping the Soul of the City is a new photo book from author Katharine Harmon that contains over 200 maps of New York City, showing everything from local neighborhood maps to full city transit routes, all to get a sense of the City through it's varied cartographic representations.

"A Nightclub Map of Harlem" traces a boozy night from the Radium and the Cotton Club to the Savoy and then the Lafayette; "Wonders of New York" pinpoints three hundred sites of interest, including the alleged location of Captain Kidd's buried treasure; the Ghostbusters subway map plots the route from Astral Projections Place to Stay Puft Street; and a rejected proposal of ornate topiaries illustrates a Central Park that might have been. This sequel to the best-selling You Are Here includes original essays by Bob Mankoff, Maria Popova, Sarah Boxer, and Rebecca Cooper, among others.

You Are Here: NYC is available for purchase in paperback and eBook formats on Amazon.

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