Will More Restaurants In NYC Adapt The New Included Tipping Trend?

Instead of tipping the standard 15-20%, hospitality is now included into the bill of some New York City restaurants. By eliminating the need to tip it is possible to provide just genuine hospitality and it is more beneficial not only to the front of the house but also to the back of the house. Everybody is guaranteed a living wage and knows exactly how much they can expect on their paycheck.

However, many waiters and waitress still rely on the cash tips they get and it is still unclear whether or not it is advantageous to absorb them into a paycheck, so it is questionable whether or not this trend will last.

In this video from Zagat, hear both sides of the debate from industry insiders, owners, and wait staff.

A number of restaurants in New York City are attempting to make a major change in their business model, and if this becomes widespread it will have an impact on the way all of us dine. To deal with rising costs and a more in-demand labor force, a few trailblazing eateries are doing away with the time-tested gratuity model.

This is only an experiment in a handful of restaurants right now, but if it works out you can stop worrying about how much you should tip the waiter.

via Zagat

Veronika Kostova

Veronika Kostova

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