[INFOGRAPHIC] A Tourist's Guide to Tipping in New York City

How Much to Tip in New York City
How Much to Tip in New York City
Photo: TripSavvy

Travel website TripSavvy recently created this great little infographic for New York City tourists that tells how much we usually tip here for taxis, restaurants, spas and salons, and other services. Check it out!

No one likes to be embarrassed by not giving a generous enough tip, but there are also times when some people aren't sure whether or not a tip is expected for a service. A simple thing to remember about tipping when visiting New York City, though, is that you should always tip your service workers.

For New Yorkers who work in the service industry, including hotels, restaurants, and drivers, tips are an essential part of their earnings. However, you should also take into consideration the level of luxury at an establishment you visit as well as the quality of service delivered when you determine what kind of tip to leave your server.

Check out the accompanying article for more info.

via TripSavvy

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