What's the Deal With Seinfeld's NYC Apartment in This Vintage Video Game Mod?

Have you ever wanted to explore Jerry Seinfeld's Upper West Side apartment? Shoot George, Elaine, or Kramer with a shotgun? Thanks to Seinfeld fan and video game modder Doug Keener, now you can in the world of DOOM!

I am a massive fan of Seinfeld. The characters were put into the replica as a bonus to add to the tribute. The only reason they are killable is because I wanted to keep it in traditional Doom fashion, because what is doom without violence and death? This is in no way a "hate video" towards Seinfeld or the cast. It is a tribute and an homage to one of the greatest television shows of all-time, as well as one of the greatest video games of all-time.

Download the mod to check it out for yourself.

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