We've Found a NYC Dating App With an Actual Waiting List... This is Why

Let’s admit it - dating in the city isn’t what it used to be. Catching someone's eye at a bar or brushing shoulders on the subway is likely to lead to dirty looks rather than an exchange of numbers.

The dating game has changed, and it’s time we all caught up. But is endless scrolling and swiping really going to find you the one? More likely severe thumb fatigue.

That’s where The Inner Circle comes in. A dating app that actually knows it’s an app and does everything it can to get you meeting in real life. The days of numbers on napkins may not be over after all.

Hosted at some of the world’s most desireable venues, The Inner Circle throws exclusive parties brimming with eligible singletons all philandering over cocktails and canapes. Madame X, The Delancey, and the Lido Deck are to name but a few of the NYC locations that these monthly shindigs pop up in. They range from ugly sweater parties to classy rooftop cocktails and always promise great entertainment, delicious food and tunes to keep you dancing into the early hours. You can rub shoulders with other New Yorkers knowing they’re all single and keen to mingle.

It gets better though - by encouraging members to log their favorite hangouts the ‘Spots’ feature becomes your go-to city guide for tried and tested date ideas. You can get to know the city as you enjoy recommendations from like-minded singles - who knows, you might even bump into your next date.

If this wasn’t already awesome enough, You can log your travel plans when you jet off to the next city, meaning other singletons can greet you - and the ‘Spots’ feature means you’ll have all the local haunts at the push of a button.

If you’re a busy, ambitious single then this is the app for you. Each new member is manually screened, meaning everyone is just who they say they are. Catfish - you’ve been DELETED.

You’re probably not going to be single for much longer if you click here.

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Annabel Edwards

Annabel Edwards

Contributing Writer

Recently graduated from The University of Birmingham (UK), Annabel is now working in London for The Inner Circle, managing partnerships and ensuring as many people as possible are able to benefit from the app. She loves exploring the city via foot, and is always keen and excited to find new fun opportunities London has to offer.

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