[WATCH] Zoltar-Like Donald Trump Fortune Telling Machines Pop Up Around New York City

Over the past few days, this incredible Zoltar-like fortune telling machine has popped up in various parks and locations around the City, spouting Trumpisms and misfortunes to anybody who dared interact with the machine.

The Dusty Rebel recently captured it in action at Tribeca Park before an unnamed "City Official" demanded its removal.

A mysterious Donald Trump fortune-telling machine has been popping up all over New York City. In Tribeca Park, dozens gathered around to hear the automatic Trump list off his various visions for America’s future. One of the dozens of misfortunes was: “Not every woman is a dog - only the fat, disgusting ones. And don’t worry: in the future, when I am president, I’ll do something about it. We are gonna make America SEXY again!” After the Zoltar-like Trump finished, the machine dispenses a paper fortune, which states things like, “The future is not to be feared, unless you are Black, Mexican, or Muslim.”

Check out the accompanying article for more.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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