[WATCH] Walk Through Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NYC's Best Neighborhood for Christmas Decorations

Local YouTuber ActionKid recently filmed a walk through several blocks of Dyker Lights, a section of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn that is known for having the best Christmas Lights Displays in New York City. Check it out!

The NYC neighborhood of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn is known for its extravagant Christmas displays and decorations yearly. The tradition started in the 1980s and soon thereafter many homes followed suit.

3:05 - 14th Avenue & 72nd Street
7:26 - 13th Avenue & 73rd Street
10:45 - 13th Avenue & 76th Street
12:50 - 13th Avenue & 78th Street
14:57 - 13th Avenue & 80th Street
16:55 - 82nd Street & 13th Avenue
20:35 - 12th Avenue & 82nd Street
22:08 - 12th Avenue & 83rd Street
23:45 - 84th Street & 12th Avenue (Best Decorated Block)
25:43 - Spata Home
27:15 - Toy Land Home
29:15 - 11th Avenue & 84th Street
30:15 - 11th Avenue & 83rd Street
35:30 - 12th Avenue & 83rd Street

via ActionKid

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