[WATCH] Video of What The Blizzard of 1947 Looked Like in New York City

Our friends over at Gothamist recently dug up this vintage video of a news report following the 1947 blizzard in New York City. The large storm hit the City directly, with very little snowfall outside of the 5 boroughs. Brooklyn got hit the worst with 27 inches, whereas Queens got off easy with only 24.6. According to the newscaster:

99 million tons of snow falls on New York, in the greatest storm of its recorded history. The 15-hour precipitation puts the big town in a deep freeze. As the snow descends at a rate of 2-inches per hour, car travel becomes hazardous, and pedestrians scurry for shelter. Most activity ceases, and then the metropolis becomes a silent city under a ghostly mantle.

via Gothamist

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