[WATCH] This Inspiring 60-Year-Old Local Sells Her "Child-Like" Art to Brooklyn Tattoo Studios

Picasso said that he spent his entire adult life trying to relearn how to draw like a child. She just does it naturally.

If You Know Me Is To Love Me is another fascinating mini-documentary from one of our favorite local filmmakers Nico Heller that profiles a 60-year-old artist that sells her drawings to Brooklyn tattoo shops and artists. Based on the popularity of her art, one shop owner has held a solo art show featuring her work. Learn all about Boyce, her work, and the show in the short 10-minute documentary.

Stephanie Boyce has been drawing all her life. Addiction, poverty and mental illness caused many road blocks on her journey, but at 60 years old she is having her fist art show. Stephanie has become a staple within the Brooklyn Tattoo community over the past 6 years ever since meeting prolific tattoo artist and business owner, Mark Cross. What started as Stephanie selling drawings to Mark and his employee’s has turned into an incredible friendship. Over the years, Mark has collected over 1,000 Stephanie Boyce originals and has given several tattoos with Stephanie’s designs. On June 28th, 2019, Mark decided to give her a solo show at his Williamsburg gallery, Muddguts.

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