[WATCH] The Transportation Renaissance in NYC is Being Led by THIS Group

Join us for an exciting urban adventure as we hit the streets with Danny Harris, Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives! In this video, we're taking a ride through NYC and discussing the incredible benefits of putting people first in our city's transportation planning.

Discover the transformative infrastructure changes that TA has advocated for over the years- like the iconic Prospect Park West protected bike lane, the game-changing Queens Boulevard redesign, and the ever-expanding network of Citi Bike stations.

0:00 Having transportation options
0:30 What is Transportation Alternatives?
1:33 1st Avenue bike lane NYC project
2:10 Banning cars in Central Park NYC
2:30 How to create change in cities
3:00 Putting people first in cities
5:25 Bike lane automatic enforcement
6:25 Janette Sadik-Khan bike infrastructure NYC
7:06 Ed Koch Bike Infrastructure NYC
7:25 Closing Broadway to cars
7:50 How to spread transportation options about the city
9:00 American’s views on private vehicles
9:25 Pedestrianizing Time Square
9:45 The flaws of traffic officers
10:10 Pedestrianized Spaces in New York City
12:30 Cities need more space
13:20 Speak up about how you feel
13:40 How New York City is failing
14:50 Transportation Alternatives campaigns
15:15 Transportation infrastructure safety is not considered
16:30 Having more transportation options helps everybody
17:30 How to create change in your city
18:51 Cities in the US leading the way in bike infrastructure
19:35 City infrastructure changes human behaviors
20:30 Dedicated bus-only route
21:30 Designing streets for slower streets
22:25 Join Transportation Alternatives

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