[WATCH] The Bronx's DeWitt Clinton High School Students Grow 25,000 Pounds of Produce

The talented kids at DeWitt Clinton High School in the Jerome Park neighborhood of The Bronx have recently grew over 25,000 pounds of fresh produce in the school's dedicated 1,300 square foot hydroponic farming lab which uses only water and no soil. Learn more about it in this report from Pix11.

“Our students here at DeWitt Clinton High School have built a hydroponic farm. These plants are benefiting from recirculating water, which saves 90 percent of the water that you would use in traditional soil-based agriculture, and as a result also we’re able to use all of the vertical space in the room to grow,” said Katherine Soll, CEO and director of Teens for Food Justice. Inside a former science lab, students are growing 25,000 pounds of produce, which feeds 2,200 students daily.

via Pix11

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