[WATCH] The Best Persian Food In New York City is Hidden in This Flatiron Pizza Shop

Taste of Persia is a small café tucked away inside an unassuming pizzeria in the Flatiron District. Owner Saeed Pourkay used to own the printing shop across the street for 15 years, but when a few bad years left him without a business or a home, the neighborhood came together to help him establish Taste of Persia and get back on his feet. Now, you can find some of the best Persian Food in the City from his tiny shop. Check out this video from our friends at Food Insider to learn more about the restaurant.

Hidden away in a corner of a pizza shop, Taste of Persia NYC serves traditional Persian dishes to its customers from a counter at the front window. Owner Saeed Pourkay started the restaurant with the help of his neighbors after becoming homeless. Pourkay's meaty dishes require seven to eight hours of simmering and cooking. INSIDER producer Medha Imam visits the restaurant to try out the traditional cuisine, gets a behind-the-scenes look into the restaurant.

via Insider

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