[WATCH] Take a Walk Through NYC's Deepest Subway Station and Street Art-Filled Tunnel

Local pro photographers James and Karla Murray have a YouTube series in which they explore neighborhoods and attractions around New York City from their unique perspective. In this recent video from the duo, watch as they take you on a walkthrough of the City's deepest subway station, along with its colorful, street-art filled access tunnel. Check it out!

We walk through the 191st Street Subway Station in Washington Heights, Manhattan to explore New York City's deepest subway station in the MTA system. Not only is the station the deepest in New York at 180 feet (55 meters) below street level, but it also has as its entrance point a very long "Tunnel Street" pedestrian passageway (1,000 feet long or 300 meters).

After walking the entire length of the graffiti lined tunnel passageway and on the dirty platforms of the 191st Street station, we get on the 1 train and head downtown one stop to visit the 181st Street Subway Station, which also is located deep underground and can only be accessed by four elevators, which notoriously have been labeled as dangerous by residents of New York City.

Graffiti art spray painted by the legendary Bronx graffiti artist, COPE 2 is featured along the pedestrian tunnel.

191st Street Station
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