Watch Red Bull Winguit Flyers Soar Over New York City

On a Saturday in May 2014, Red Bull sky divers donning wingsuits jumped out of a plane 7,500ft over Manhattan hitting up to 120mph during freefall.

Utilizing the latest technology in wingsuits -- special jumpsuits that add surface area to the human body to enable a significant increase in lift -- allowed the flyers to travel an amazing two miles in two minutes to get a new, amazing view of the iconic NYC cityscape.

The wingsuits have loose flaps stretched between the arms and legs, similar to the flying squirrels we all learned about in elementary school.

Ascending to 7,500 feet above the city via aircraft, the elite skydive team deplaned near the southern tip of Manhattan. Aided by their wingsuits, the flyers were able to propel to 120 mph during freefall, passing by defining buildings of the Financial District, before heading uptown where they deployed their parachutes -- landing safely on a barge floating on the Hudson River.

The jump was a challenge to complete physically, but circumventing the strict FAA regulations was also a challenge.

“The FAA air space restrictions were a big challenge,” said [team manager Jon] Devore, referring to the three major airports surrounding the proposed jump zone, and the limitations imposed after 9/11. But the team obtained the appropriate permits.

Check out this insane POV video if you want to experience the thrill of the jump safely from home.

Check out the full article on Red Bull for more info about the dive and the challenges associated with setting it up.

via Red Bull

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