[WATCH] In the Street: Vintage Silent Film From 1948 Shot in East Harlem

Filmed in East Harlem just after the end of World War II, “In the Street” is a dynamic, tender, and often humorous portrait of life in New York City: children dance and play in alleyways, shopkeepers sweep the sidewalks, onlookers watch from their windows. This captivating film presents the bustling theater of city life, where “every human is a poet, a masker, a warrior, a dancer.” Directed by the renowned photographer Helen Levitt, in collaboration with Janice Loeb and James Agee, and featuring a new musical score written and composed by Ben Model.

Fun fact: This short film was a favorite of Charlie Chaplin’s, who was so delighted by one of the dancing boys that he allegedly jumped up during the viewing and mimicked the toddler’s moves.

via The Met

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