[WATCH] House Tours: A $2436, 2 Bedroom 400 Sqft Apartment in Brooklyn

Jasmine Hart worked with interior designer and set decorator Kendra Cusic to help decorate the space. “This is my first experience in having a home that is so reflective of me and the stage of life I’m in,” Jasmine continues. “There’s duality within the design with the living room being colorful and vibrant, while the bedroom is really peaceful and tranquil. I really wanted my space to constantly bring me joy, spark creativity, and also feel warm and inviting, which I think really has come through. I’m really grateful to have a home that feels like an oasis for me in the midst of a very chaotic city. I am still working on my office to give it the same love and curation that the balance of the home has and I have definitely learned the art of patience in decorating, so I’m allowing that to come together with time.”

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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