[WATCH] Gowanus' Pig Beach is Changing New York City Barbecue Scene With Its "Yankee Style" BBQ

Pig Beach is a Gowanus, Brooklyn restaurant that combines techniques highlighting Italian, French, Middle Eastern, Asian, and American BBQ culture into what they call "Yankee Style" BBQ. In this video from the excellent Eat Seeker series from our friends at Thrillist, watch as chef Matt Abdoo talks about the inspiration and approaches behind the unique menu.

Welcome to the home of Yankee-style barbecue, Pig Beach. This new style of barbecue, pioneered by Chef Matt Abdoo, blends traditional pitmaster techniques with the flavors New York City and Italian cuisine. Breaking from other New York City barbecue spots, Chef Abdoo has focused primarily on pork and a variety of grilled options like their award-winning Pig Beach Burger.

via Thrillist

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Matt Coneybeare

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