[WATCH] Get Some of New York City's Best Empanadas at Empanadas Monumental

The Best Cheap Empanadas in NYC || Operation $5 Lunch
The Best Cheap Empanadas in NYC || Operation $5 Lunch
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Fried dough filled with chicken and cheese, what's not to love? While every culture has some sort of variant of this, the Empanada is one of the more celebrated and widely eaten version. In this episode from the Operation $5 Lunch series from Thrillist, watch as host Prez visits Empanada Monumental in Harlem to try one of New York City's best.

It's no secret that people loved meat-stuffed dough. From calzones to samosas, everyone will claim that their heritage does it the best. That's why on this episode of Operation $5 Lunch, we're checking out some of the best empanadas in New York City for of course, under $5.

via Thrillist

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