[WATCH] Does The Commodore in Williamsburg Have the Best Nachos in the City?

Thanks to a visit by our own Bessie Chu, we already know that The Commodore in Williamsburg has some of the best Fried Chicken in Brooklyn. But now people are saying they might have another "best" on their menu: the Cadillac Nachos. Could they be the best in the borough? Dining on the Dime host Lucas Peterson went to find out in this short video from Eater.

In this episode of Dining on a Dime, host Lucas Peterson heads out to Williamsburg near the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in search of good Southern food, elaborate tiki drinks, and a laid-back vibe. He finds all of these things at the Commodore, which, when you fight through the scenester aspect of the place (and that is definitely a part of it), he finds serves up some supremely good fried chicken and biscuits, among other things.

via Eater

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