[WATCH] Dead Horse Bay is Filled With 200 Years of Trash and Treasure

Brooklyn's Dead Horse Bay is a unique and beautiful spot in New York City that has an unreal juxtaposition of a beautiful, serene beach, with mountains of vintage trash, bottles and metal. In this short video from filmmaker Rachel Grant, take a peek at the beach's treasures, and learn more about how it came to be this way.

Located in Brooklyn, Dead Horse Bay is only accessible through a trail where you can find an old millstone left by the Dutch settlers who used the water to grind wheat into flour in the 17th century. From the 19th century to the 20th century, the area was used as a horse rendering plant, fertilizer manufacturing plant and a landfill for the disposal of New York City’s garbage. The result of years of exploitation left a forgotten beach covered by miles of shattered glass, garbage and obscure objects.

Dead Horse Bay
Matt Coneybeare

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