[WATCH] Bronx Zoo Debuts Adorable Pack of Endangered Wild Dogs

A pack of endangered wild dogs has been welcomed to their new home at the Bronx Zoo. The zoo's latest residents, called dholes, are native to southern and central Asia. The three brothers, Roan, Apollo, and Kito, were born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in 2016 before making the move to New York City. Dholes are foxlike animals, with brownish-red coats and dark, bushy tails. They are mainly found in forests and grasslands in several Asian countries including China, India, and Malaysia.

The Bronx Zoo's trio of dholes are housed in the newly renovated polar bear exhibit. Jim Breheny, Director of the Bronx Zoo, said that the zoo decided to revamp the polar bear exhibit because of the opportunity to teach guests about an endangered species. The zoo also hopes to start a dhole breeding program.

Visit the new pack of endangered dholes at the Bronx Zoo during normal park operating hours.

via ABC 7

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