[WATCH] Acclaimed Artist Cecily Brown Explains How New York City Inspires Her Artwork

British-born, New York City-based fine artist Cecily Brown is one of the world's most acclaimed painters. With solo exhibitions at the best art museums around the world, the artist has been impressing the industry for several decades. In this video from Denmark's Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, hear how New York City inspired her to create, amongst other topics.

“I never think of painting as a cathartic thing, but I definitely think it’s a way of processing things.” Brown feels that one of the reasons why she became a painter, is that she wants to respond to the things she sees, and she attributes the sense of fragmentation, which pervades her work, to having lived in New York for 25 years: “The experience of living in a very busy city inevitably feeds into the way I see things and understand them.”

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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