Walkthrough Video of an Abandoned Subway Platform in the Bowery Station

Local blogger Flaming Pablum recently came across this post on the NYC 1950 to Present Facebook page where the original poster, Jay Singer, describes the video:

The south platform at Bowery Station. It is not abandoned, however it has been deactivated since 2004. When the 2nd avenue subway comes on line, this platform will likely be brought back into use. I use this station on the north platform, there is no graffiti but it is very dirty and desolate, the least used station in the system. The deactivated side, sans graffiti, is much cleaner. Big rats down there. I've only seen glimpses of this platform through the portals in the wall seperating the sides. The MTA crews go in here regularly to clean it up.

Bowery Station currently serves the J and Z lines on the station's other platforms. The video is not shot very well in all parts, but offers an 8-min glimpse into a hidden side of the New York City subway without having to break any trespassing laws.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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