[VIDEO] Urban Explorers Show You Inside Brooklyn's Abandoned South 4th Subway Station

Urban explorer and YouTube uploader Raves recently posted this great video showing the inside of the abandoned South 4th Street station in Williamsburg.

The station is a semi-complete shell with four island platforms and six track beds, having the same layout as Hoyt–Schermerhorn Streets station. No rails, tiles, lights, or stairs were built. The unfinished station, which is only about as long as Union Avenue is wide, was designed to be the main transfer point from the proposed Worth Street and Houston Street Lines coming from Manhattan with the Crosstown Line. These lines would have become two major trunk lines going east. One line would have gone towards the proposed Utica Avenue Line and the other line towards the Myrtle Avenue – Central Avenue Line to the Rockaways.

The incredible murals you see inside is part of the Underbelly Project, an unsanctioned 2010 project by local street artists who set out to completely cover the walls with amazing art.

via YouTube

South 4th Street and Meserole Street
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