Visualize the Most Frequently Used Words New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Used in 2014

Reporter Nigel Chiwaya from DNA Info recently analyzed all of Mayor Bill de Blasio's transcribed speeches from 2014. He sorted the words used by frequency, then put the list through a word cloud generator to see what the most frequently used words were. The author then

...shared the data — which discounts small words like "the" and "to" — with political analyst Basil Smikle, who noted that de Blasio favors inclusive language.

"He has modeled himself as a new progressive voice that can bring communities together and he frequently used words to exemplify that," Smikle said.

The most popular word he used over the course of the year was "city", followed by "people" with a drastic increase of the word "police" over the past few months. DNA Info gives us a few more interesting takeaways:

  • De Blasio might be an optimist. "Great," "good" and "extraordinary" were each said more than 1,000 times.
  • The mayor's most referenced family member was his wife Chirlane, with 190 mentions. His children Dante and Chiara followed at 101 and 81, respectively.
  • De Blasio said the word "Garner" 21 times, as many times as "DNC."
  • "Ebola" drew 98 mentions, the same number as "Manhattan."
  • The mayor mentioned "Albany" (297 times) more often than "Queens" (178) and "Bronx" (108) combined.
  • The word "progress" became the de Blasio campaign's buzzword in 2013, but in office he used it only 295 times.
  • De Blasio said the word "change" more often the longer he was in office, from just 27 times in February to 127 times in December.
  • Don’t say the mayor isn't polite. He said "thank" 2,658 times.

via DNA Info

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