Vintage Photograph Shows a Flock of Sheep in Prospect Park Circa 1901

Sheep In Brooklyn's Prospect Park, 1901
Sheep In Brooklyn's Prospect Park, 1901

Many New Yorkers know that Central Park has had its fair share of animal employees in the past, like this lawn-mowing camel, but not as many people know that goats and sheep also have employment history at Brooklyn's Prospect Park. Our friends at local history site Stuff Nobody Cares About recently dug up this great vintage photograph from 1901 showing a flock of sheep helping to keep Prospect Park's lawn trim.

While still under design the Prospect Park Commissioners in 1866 proposed “to enclose with a sufficient iron paling and make use of as a pasture ground for deer, antelopes, gazelles, and such other grazing animals as can he satisfactorily herded together in summer upon it.” Deer, antelopes and gazelles were not confined to the park. After the opening of Prospect Park in 1867 sheep were introduced to graze on its grounds. Over the years the number of sheep fluctuated to as many as 110 as some sheep were sold off and others acquired.

Check out the accompanying article to learn more about the Prospect Park sheep.

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