Vintage Photograph of Washington Square Park When Used as a Parking Lot in 1960s

Edit 02/03/2016 2:56pm

After hearing from the Estate of Fred W. McDarrah, it appears that Viewing NYC readers are not to see this preview image photo. So, in full compliance with the request, we have removed the image.

Instead, I direct you to the original photo page on Getty where you can see the same exact preview image for free anyway.

In this vintage photograph from January 1966, check out our beloved Washington Square Park back when it had through traffic and was even used to park cars alongside the Arch, the fountain, and grass edgings.

Elevated view of Washington Square Park, New York, New York, January 1966. For a period during it’s mid-1960’s redesign, the space was used as a parking lot.

Check out the photo page to learn more about the photograph or buy prints.

Washington Square Park

via Getty

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