Vintage Photograph of Men Hauling Clothes in the Garment District Circa 1955

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Men pulling racks of clothing on busy sidewalk in Garment District, New York City

Ephemeral New York recently dug up this great old photo from 1955 showing some men transporting clothing through the streets of the busy Garment District in Midtown.

Around the time this 1955 photo was taken, the vast majority of clothes for sale in the United States was made in the states too. Specifically, they were made in the square mile south of Midtown long known as the Garment District. Today, only 5 percent of clothes are made in America. And while you still see factories and showrooms in the Garment District, the narrow, dark streets here compose a ghost town compared to what they were 60 years ago.

Check out the specimen page at the Library of Congress for more info on the photograph.

Matt Coneybeare

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