Vintage NYC Film Shows Passengers Arriving for RMS Lusitania's Final Departure on May 1st, 1915

The RMS Lusitania was a passenger vessel, the largest of its day, that would regularly traverse the Atlantic Ocean between New York City and London with nearly 2,000 passengers. Restored and enhanced by YouTuber and historian Guy Jones, this sad vintage film shows passengers arriving to Pier 54 in the Meatpacking District for its final voyage, on May 1st, 1915. On the 7th, a German U-Boat submarine would fire upon the vessel, sinking the Lusitania, and killing 1,198 of its 1,962 passengers, about 10% of the dead being American citizens.

Old film of passengers arriving for the ill-fated RMS Lusitania leaving from Pier 54 in New York City on May 1, 1915. Slowed down/worked on footage and added in sound for ambiance. This material is from the US National Archives

via YouTube

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