View New York City's Concrete Jungle Through a Revealing Black & White Lens

Sometimes living in our fast-paced City leaves us little time to stop and really appreciate it. That's where photographers come in, specifically Serge Ramelli in his revealing black & white photobook simply titled "New York".

Black-and-white urban photography has a unique effect: It can lend a historical feel or bring out perspectives and surfaces in a special way. Serge Ramelli's New York photos do both--and much more. With his film director's eye, he searches out locations using parameters that evoke a specific atmosphere and build tension. The New York skyline or typical New York street scenes are stylized into a stage--but a stage where nothing is required to happen. Their impressiveness is so heightened that a movie automatically plays in the viewer's head. With New York boasting so much history and evocativeness, nothing more is needed. Although he is similar to Ansel Adams in technique and expression, Serge Ramelli is a contemporary photographer in every sense of the word, constantly experimenting with new technical options.

Ramelli's photography captures the City's electric energy, its unique architecture and its undeniable style through a revealing black and white lens. The 176-page New York is available in hardcover on Amazon.

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