[VIDEO] Watch This New Yorker Get Around Town on a Homemade 5'5" Tall Bike

New York City has multiple public transportation options including subways, buses, ferries, public bikes, etc... that, for the most part, are an affordable and quick way to get around the City. Regular modes of transportation aren't for everybody though, and this New Yorker created his own unique way to commute in NYC: a homemade "Tall Bike." To make something like this, you would need some accurate jointing equipment.

The subway isn't the only way New Yorkers commute in New York City. Some take cabs, some walk and some ride bikes. But Paul doesn't ride a regular bike. He rides a tall bike. […] Paul's bike is five and half feet tall. He towers above cars, and has to stabilize himself on garbage cans and stop lights. Paul claims, surprisingly that he's never fallen off of his bike. He built his tall bike out of two bikes welded together in his basement.

Check it out in this short video from our friends at Time Out New York.

via Time Out

Originally published on October 4th, 2017

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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