[VIDEO] This Incredible Meatloaf Sandwich at Meme's Diner in Prospect Heights is a "Day Ender"

You Need To Try This Meatloaf Sandwich
You Need To Try This Meatloaf Sandwich
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MeMe's Diner in Prospect Heights is a small, bright diner filled with delicious and inventive versions of all the comfort foods you grew up with. In this short video from New York Magazine, see how their incredible Meatloaf Sandwich is what industry professionals call a "day ender", that is, a meal that will stuff you so much it will be the last thing you eat all day.

It’s time to get excited about … meatloaf? At MeMe’s Diner, partners Bill Clark and Libby Willis have put together a menu full of foods that you’ll recognize, but they calibrate and update everything just enough to make it feel fresh and exciting. The best example of the duo’s approach may be their meatloaf sandwich, a brunch staple that features a Texas toast–size slab of garlic bread, sautéed greens, a wobbly egg, homemade barbecue sauce, and of course, the homemade meatloaf.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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