[VIDEO] Take This Virtual Walking Tour Through Astoria Park in Queens

Local YouTuber actionkid105 makes a lot of videos biking and walking around New York City neighborhoods, parks and attractions, showing you exactly what it's like. In this recent upload, watch as he takes a stroll through Astoria Park in Queens on a bright, sunny day.

1:30 - Astoria Park Tennis Courts
3:28 - Running Track
7:35 - South End of Park Under RFK Bridge
9:40 - Basketball Courts
11:25 - World War 1 Memorial
12:00 - Charybdis Playground
13:30 - Bocce Ball Area
15:25 - North End of Park Under Hell Gate Bridge
19:27 - Northeast End of Park
20:52 - Underneath the Amtrak Structure
24:52 - Swimming Pool Overlook
29:00 - Parking Lot
32:36 - Skateboard Park

via YouTube

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